Flowers for the culture

2590 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80205

What we do:

Black + Blossomed is a local floral design business located inside of Green Spaces in Denver, Colorado.

We provide florals for a plethora of things: retail, events, photoshoots, and everyday decor. We offer a range of seasonal bouquets and arrangements that are florist’s choice and pre-orders are available if you are looking for something more customized.

Flowers are our love language so whatever you want to communicate, hit us up and we will be happy to bless your space or people in your life with some floral magic.

What we’re about:

Apart from creating and selling flower arrangements, Black + Blossomed is also meant to be a community for all people to become an active participant in the beauty of the world around us and most importantly, the beauty within ourselves. We are all partaking in this process of growing, becoming, and blossoming and we hope to facilitate that process for each person who buys a flower or visits our site.

We really embody the phrase “flowers, but make it a movement” in our business model. In a nutshell, we’re a floral design business. Flowers are our art. Flowers are the way we communicate. Flowers are the way we show love. Flowers are the way we ignite movements. 

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