Booze + Blossoms II
2:00pm-4:00pmLekker Coffee + Watering Hole

What we do:

Black + Blossomed is technically a local floral design and delivery service– that’s what makes us the big bucks.

We customize arrangements based on the season and availability and deliver them to local residences and businesses. Deliveries must be within a 20 mile radius from Downtown Denver. Deliveries outside of the 20 mile radius will incur an additional shipping fee. I ask for at least 48 hours in between orders placed and orders fulfilled. Please complete the delivery form at the bottom of the checkout page.

What we’re about:

Apart from creating and selling flower arrangements, Black + Blossomed is also meant to be a community for all people to become an active participant in the beauty of the world around us and most importantly, the beauty within ourselves. We are all partaking in this process of growing, becoming, and blossoming and we hope to facilitate that process for each person who buys a flower or visits our site.

To me, flowers represent so much more than beauty– they embody the very things that I resonate so deeply with in being a Black woman. The resilience, the grace, the layers, the nurturance, the charisma– AND the beauty. I’ve found so much joy and groundedness in my journey of learning more about flowers and basking in all they have to offer this world and I am so excited to share a piece of that with you.

Welcome to Black + Blossomed!

May we all continue to grow and blossom together!

Florist’s Choice Arrangements + Bouquets
Starting at
  • These bouquets and arrangements are designed with a seasonal assortment of flowers and come wrapped in paper or a glass vase.
  • All flowers and colors used are florist’s choice.
  • Delivery within 20 mile radius included.
Custom Arrangements + Bouquets
Starting at
  • Arrangements and bouquets that you can customize and have delivered anytime.
  • Budget levels will reflect size and flower selection.
  • Delivery within 20 mile radius included.

These are arrangements that you can customize if you want some special outside of florist’s choice.

Budget levels will reflect size and flower selection.