The Official Pop-Up Flower Shop

What we do:

Black + Blossomed is a local pop-up flower shop.

What does a “pop-up flower shop” mean? Basically, we partner with local businesses and POP-UP with our flower shop set-up. Pop-up shops usually take place on the weekends. Time and location vary.

At the pop-ups, we offer a range of seasonal bouquets that are either pre-arranged or created on-site. Pre-orders are available if you are looking for something more customized.

We are now shipping flowers out of state! Order flowers from anywhere to anywhere in the United States and we got you covered!

What we’re about:

Apart from creating and selling flower arrangements, Black + Blossomed is also meant to be a community for all people to become an active participant in the beauty of the world around us and most importantly, the beauty within ourselves. We are all partaking in this process of growing, becoming, and blossoming and we hope to facilitate that process for each person who buys a flower or visits our site.

Upcoming Pop-Ups + Events

Photographer: Shel Francis Creative

To me, flowers represent so much more than beauty– they embody the very things that I resonate so deeply with in being a Black woman. The resilience, the grace, the layers, the nurturance, the charisma– AND the beauty. I’ve found so much joy and groundedness in my journey of learning more about flowers and basking in all they have to offer this world and I am so excited to share a piece of that with you.

Welcome to Black + Blossomed!

May we all continue to grow and blossom together!