Eucalyptus + Lavender Shower Bundle


One of our best sellers!
Natural fragrant dried lavender and eucalyptus shower aromatherapy.
Our shower bundles are known for both health and relaxation benefits. The various benefits of eucalyptus & olive oils include:

Awaken your senses
Promoting relaxation & stress relief
Soothes asthma
Fights allergies
Eases joint pain
Improving respiratory health
Reducing inflammation in the body
Adds a lovely sent to your bathroom
Provides a spa atmosphere

Great as an add-on gift!

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Who doesn’t love the smell of eucalyptus and lavender?

You can reap the benefits of eucalyptus & lavender by simply hanging it in your shower.

The steam of the water does all the work for you by allowing the eucalyptus leaves and lavender to release their oils into the air.
When the hot water is turned on, the steam will open up the pores of the leaves and awaken that strong, distinctively eucalyptus & lavender scents and activate the lovely essential oils within the plants. This helps to open your nasal passages during cold (or allergy) season, helps relax you and helps create a spa-like space right at home! Consider it proper aromatherapy without the price tag. Not only is the smell incredibly relaxing but and the combination is as great for the skin as it is for the mind. Such a mentally and physically cleansing start or end to your day!

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